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Everybody on the Web is in the business of sales. It doesn't matter whether you're managing an intranet, a government or university website, or promoting your business or organization. You're still selling something... still trying to get someone to do something. What do you want your visitors to do? How are you going to convince them to do it? And making the Web work is hard because you are selling to someone who is very impatient. They will give you less than a minute to make a compelling case. In this day of information overload, being compelling requires a lot of skill. That's where we can help.

Web design must support your message, not overwhelm it. Therefore, website design must be done well while using web standards to bring the same experience to all of your visitors, regardless of which web browser they choose to use. Visual "toys" such as animation and sound must be used sparingly only when the site content warrants it, not simply as useless decoration.

Over the years, we have developed custom web sites that work, while ensuring each site has high visual impact that we know visitors look for, yet also being timeless, persuasive, as well as "search engine friendly". We work to design a website you will be proud to send visitors to.

But we don't stop there. We don't merely create your website and then move on to the next project while leaving previous client sites behind. We create sites and then we update them, fine-tune them, test them for potential performance problems in virtually all modern web browsers to make it accessible to all of your visitors, and continually tweak their design, layout, and content. Our job is to get you new business!

In other words, in the real world, we don't write HTML code that we have no intention of revisiting. We write code using the most reliable, maintainable, and effective methods available, with every intention of returning to work on that code to make any necessary improvements and alterations.

How Much Will My Website Cost - Custom Website Design by Summit Web Design

"Gee, how much does a new home cost?" As you know, it all depends on the house! In the same way, how much your new real estate website will cost will depend on what you want it to do, what you want it to look like, and what content will be inside! We have been doing this long enough to know that each client has different needs and wants, yet each site should create a dramatic visual statement with quality text, graphics, and the content real estate buyers and sellers really want. At the same time, we are creating a web design for you that reflects your personality or business image that should be search engine friendly as well.

  • Do you need us to buy Royalty-Free photography or design custom graphics?
  • Should your site include dynamic content?
  • Will we be constructing web-enabled databases to support your site?

As you can see, the list can go on and on...

All of these questions will be discussed at our initial consultation with you, be it in person or over the telephone. After that consultation, we will be happy to give you a firm design price accompanied by our written design and hosting agreements.

Custom Websites Pay For Themselves - Custom Website Design by Summit Web Design

We understand that individuals, firms, or organizations all must pay attention to their marketing expenses. We're no different. So to keep your initial expense down and make it more affordable, that's why we split our website design agreement fee into smaller payments, spread out across the process in 3 stages:

  • Contract Signing
  • Master Design "Look" Approval
  • Website Launch

How Quickly Can You Build A Site - Custom Website Design by Summit Web Design

Since each site is "custom" built, we can usually design your new site in as little as 2-3 weeks. However, to ensure your website project is finished on time, we have to rely on you, our client, to give us design feedback as well as providing the items that we need from you - specific page copy, any personal photography, company or personal logos, technical information such as domain information, etc. Working together, we can make it happen!

We become your internet marketing consultants.

Need more information on Summit Web's real estate web design or other marketing services? Just call or us today.

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