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Once you launch your website, it now joins hundreds of thousands of other websites on the Internet - all competing for the attention of people looking for what you do. Having a high visual impact website that is even content-rich is simply not enough. Websites, by their very nature, are passive until a visitor actually stops by. Marketing your site is the key to driving in visitors and getting found among your competitors.

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Think of Internet Marketing to get your website found in the Top 3 Search Engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing - like having a retail store at a popular shopping mall in your area instead of along some side street that virtually no one is walking or driving down. What does the mall really offer each store owner? How can they charge such high rents when they don't promise the first retail sale! What they are offering is "foot traffic"... so many hundreds or thousands of people will parade past your store each and every day. Some of those passing by might just stop in. And guess what? Some of those stopping in might actually buy something from you! So getting your site found in these major search engines, while no guarantee of success, is like having a store at the mall, offering you the visibility you need to attract new visitors.

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So Internet Marketing is all about getting results. How we help you achieve those results all starts with implementing a plan that we automatically include in our website design that includes our online keyword research. Using a comprehensive keyword analysis, we work together to determine which terms match your target market best.

Next, we help you include in your site's page content the keywords that match the terms your market uses to search by. This is done to make sure you have keyword-rich text copy while we also integrate those keywords throughout the coding of each of your site's pages in the title tags, anchor text and heading tags - all designed to achieve maximimum search engine organic results.

Because organic search engine optimization (SEO) is evolving all the time, we constantly try to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure that your site achieves and maintains high rankings.

Attracting More Visitors - Internet Marketing Consulting by Summit Web Design

We work with you to develop your off-line marketing strategy too. Ways to drive visitors to your website through all of your other forms of marketing - email signatures, brochures, postcards, business cards, voice mail greetings, etc. As the site owner, you can't tell enough people that your website now exists! And we have ideas developed over the years to help you spread the word.

Finally, we know that the optimization we automatically include in each of our website designs may only take your site so far in achieving higher search engine rankings. So we work closely with several search engine optimization and link building specialists that can really take your site to the next level. They include:

These specialists have achieved remarkable search engine rankings for many of our clients over the years!

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