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We are thrilled to announce our new "VIP Day" service!

Know someone who needs top-notch web design help for a full day? With "VIP Day," they get exclusive, dedicated support from 9 AM to 5 PM - (with a few quick snack and bathroom breaks of course). Whether it’s for a special project or a website makeover, we are here to help.

Think you’ve got a handle on most of your brand and web design stuff, but have a punch list of things you need taken care of, and ideally would love to have a designer’s eye on your brand for a day (or two)?

You can now buy our time! That’s right, you can book us by the day – and the total number of days depends on what you actually need done.

Request A Quote

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Things we can do for you in 1-5 days:

  • Develop, design, and code a custom 1-7 page website for you
  • Create a multi-page Divi framework or Wordpress website for you
  • Design a "killer" Landing or Sales page plus Thank You page
  • PhotoShop consulting and image editing
  • CSS style sheet changes or edits
  • Punch list of general design or content updates you need done on your website
  • Help you get clear on your brand story and identify with a mood board design
  • And so much more...

How it Works

The VIP Day process starts with a discovery call, followed by “homework” to gather content or files. Then, book a VIP day to work closely with us to strategize, design, and do the work that you need. Provide real-time feedback and direction, and your work will be done!

Step 1 - Discovery Call

Schedule a call with us to discuss your project, goals, and vision. We’ll determine together if a VIP Day is the perfect fit for you.

Step 2 - Homework

You prepare all of your materials ahead of time including copy, photos, hosting and domain access if necessary. Coffee recommended!

Step 3 - Collaborative Creation

Work closely with us to finalize your work, providing real-time feedback and direction during our time together. You are available that day to give feedback and answer any questions.

Step 4 - Book Your VIP Day

Schedule your VIP Day with us, and we’ll work together on your priorities to get it all accomplished for you.

Need more information on Summit Web's web design, hosting or other marketing services? Just call 703-536-7631 or email us today.